Meet our Featured Speakers 

Hailing from various universities and institutions from all across the country, we are honored to have top industry professionals and leaders take the Pathways stage this summer. They will provide expert insights, best practices, real-time data, and student success strategies that you can take back to your campus! 


Featured Speakers


Dr. Ashley Finley

Keynote Speaker

Ashley Finley is the Vice President for Research and Senior Advisor to the President at the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U). She was previously associate vice president for academic affairs and founding dean of the Dominican Experience at Dominican University of California and national evaluator for Bringing Theory to Practice.

Currently, Dr. Finley oversees AAC&U’s research agenda through the coordination of projects and reports on pressing issues in higher education. She also advises on strategic initiatives to support member campuses. Dr. Finley’s campus engagements focus on aligning learning outcomes, vocational exploration, and assessment with students’ holistic development and equity goals. Her publications include, How College Contributes to Workforce Success; A Comprehensive Approach to Assessment of High-Impact Practices; and “Well-Being: An Essential Outcome for Higher Education.” Finley received a BA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and an MA and PhD, both in sociology, from the University of Iowa.

Audrey Murrell-4
Audrey Murrell

Professor, Author, and Researcher, University of Pittsburgh

Catharine Patrone-1
Catharine Patrone

Chief of Staff, John Martinson Honors College, Purdue University

Missy Gutkowski, Bucknell-1
Missy Gutkowski

Assistant Dean of Experiential Learning, Bucknell University

Bethany Slear, Bucknell-1
Bethany Slear

Program Director of Experiential Learning, Bucknell University

Stephanie Stover Carthage
Stephanie Stover

Director of the Aspire Program, Carthage College

Anna Hegland (Carthage)
Anna L Hegland, Ph.D.

Career Specialist for Exploratory & Undeclared Students; Academic Advisor, Carthage College

Amalia Calvillo, LMU-2
Amalia Calvillo

Academic & Student Engagement Advisor, Loyola Marymount University

Jackie Leung, LMU-2
Jacqueline Leung, MBA, M.A

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Student Success, Loyola Marymount University

Jenard Moore  (1)
Jenard Moore, P.h.D

Director of Male Academics & Student Success, N.C. A&T

Payton Herring-2
Payton Herring

Student Experience Specialist, Abilene Christian University

Jasmine McCabe Gossett, ACU (2)
Jasmine McCabe- Gossett

Professional Development & Internship Director, Abilene Christian University

Anne Hocking (1)
Anne Hocking

Director of Internships & Vocational Formation, Abilene Christian University

Kristine Schonder-2
Dr. Kristine Schonder

Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Pittsburgh

Karen Pater-1
Dr. Karen Pater

Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Pittsburgh

Michelle Chapman-3
Michelle Chapman

Assistant Director for Student Engagement & Career Development, Washington State University

Cory Cooke WSU (2)
Corey Cook

Student Engagement Coordinator for Student Engagement & Career Development, Washington State University

Mark Visco CoFounder_CEO-2
Mark Visco

Co-Founder & CEO, Suitable

Dom Visco Co-Founder_COO-2
Dom Visco

Co-Founder & CTO, Suitable

Sean Carson VP of Unversity Partnerships-2
Sean Carson

Senior Vice President of University Partnerships, Suitable

Ang Hersch SVP UST-3
Angela Hersch

Senior Vice President of University Success, Suitable

Cory Sneyers-2
Cory Sneyers

Associate Vice President of University Partnerships, Suitable

Elaney Tedder-1
Elaney Tedder

Solutions Success Manager, Suitable

Andrea Palmer, Suitable
Andrea Palmer

Director of Campus Solutions, Suitable

Niesha Ziehmke, Ph.D. (NACE, Director of Career Readiness) (1)
Niesha Ziehmke

Director of Career Readiness, NACE


Demitrius Barksdale
Dr. Demitrius Barksdale

Assistant Director, University of Alabama

Matt Lancaster-1
Matt Lancaster

Program Director, University of Kansas

Loc Luong
Loc Luong

Assistant Director, Concordia University, St. Paul

Allison Otto-1
Allison Otto

Assistant Director, Vanderbilt University

The 2024 Student Speaker of Distinction

Emiliano De La Rosa
Washington State University

Get to know Emiliano!

1. Born and raised in Orange County in Southern California.

2. After graduating high school in 2018, he took 18 months off to work in fine dining and hospitality.

3. Emiliano is a proud undergraduate Latino studying finance and entrepreneurship at WSU.

4. He was featured in Carson's College of Business magazine for his business competitions and involvement in WSU's First-Generation Program, Expanding Diverse Group Experiences (EDGE).

5. Emiliano's primary interest has been investing, and his dream is to start his own business, like his older brother and father.

Emiliano De La Rosa - Student Speaker of Distinction