2024 conference Agenda

Check out our full agenda for Pathways 2024!


Pre-Conference Activities

Wednesday, July 24th, 2024
W Philadelphia Lobby

The Museum of the American Revolution: Guided Tour

Enjoy a 90-minute interactive historical guided museum tour and film screening that details the journey through the rich, nuanced, and inspiring story of our nation’s founding. You will gain a deeper understanding of the diverse people and complex events that sparked the ongoing American experiment.

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Fine Humans
W Philadelphia Lobby

The Historical Big Bus Sightseeing Tour

Back by popular demand, enjoy a 90-minute air-conditioned bus tour with Philadelphia's Premier Sightseeing Tour Company as they show you the sights and tell you the tales of a city that forged a nation, cheered for Rocky, invented the soft pretzel, and home to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall!

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Day One

Wednesday, July 24th, 2024
The Great Room

Red Carpet Welcome Reception

Join us to kick off Pathways 2024! Walk the red carpet, and enjoy delightful conversation during our networking hour all followed by a seated dinner.

Dom Visco
Dom Visco Co-Founder & CTO, Suitable
Cory Sneyers
Cory Sneyers AVP of University Partnerships, Suitable
The Great Room

Partner Awards Ceremony

To cap off the night, we will have our highly coveted Partner Awards Ceremony hosted by the University Success Team! This ceremony celebrates and honors Suitable partners who have made exceptional progress with their student engagement initiatives over this last year.

Elaney Tedder Solutions Success Manager, Suitable
Ang H
Angela Hersch VP of University Success, Suitable

Day Two

Thursday, July 25th, 2024
8:00am- 9:15am
The Great Room

All Attendee Breakfast

Jumpstart your day with a delicious and filling breakfast before a full day of insightful and engaging sessions!

8:00am - 9:15am | Engagement
Studio 1

Testimonial & Headshot Lounge

Stop by the Fine Humans Testimonial & Headshot Lounge and refresh your headshot for LinkedIn, or record a testimonial about your experience at Pathways!

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Fine Humans
9:30am-11:00am | Keynote
The Great Room

Telling the Story of Students’ Learning and Development Beyond the Classroom

There is little question that critical elements of students’ learning and development are fostered through co-curricular experiences, yet fully capturing that learning remains elusive on many campuses. This session will explore institutional opportunities for recognizing and aligning learning beyond the classroom to tell the most comprehensive story about students’ development and success. From shared outcomes to the integration of high-impact practices to meaningful assessment, participants will be encouraged to envision why a holistic approach to students’ learning and development is both practical and essential.

Ashley Finley
Dr. Ashley Finley
Concurrent Session
11:00am-12:00pm | Business

Growing Engagement Through Reflective Practices

At Loyola Marymount University’s College of Business Administration, we have designed our CBA Advantage program to reflect the importance of discernment;a Jesuit value and reflective practice that encourages students to think critically in decision-making processes. Through the CBA Advantage program, a mandatory requirement for all business students, students are incentivized to intentionally engage with their co-curricular experiences. Almost every experience, event, and opportunity has a takeaway component involved. We encourage students to explore and derive personal value, both positive and negative, from their experiences through the heavy use of task activities in the Suitable app. As a result, students work towards building a robust and detailed e-portfolio, composed not by event titles, but by reflective responses they can reference back to when developing career tools.

Jackie Leung
Jacqueline Leung Director of Undergraduate Student Engagement
Amalia Calvillo
Amalia Calvillo Academic & Student Engagement Advisor
Concurrent Session
11:00am-12:00pm | Professional Development
Studio 2&3

Niche Badges: Nurturing Intentional Connections and Holistic Engagement

This will be a deep dive into our optional badging program which offers diverse badges for various Niche populations fostering nurturing, intentional connections, and holistic engagement.

N- Nurturing
C- Connections
H- Holistic
E- Engagement

Stephanie Stover
Stephanie Stover Director of The Aspire Program
Anne Hegland
Anna Hegland Career Specialist for Exploratory & Undeclared Students

12:00pm-1:00pm | Networking
The Great Room

All Attendee

Curb your appetite after a morning of sessions and connect with peers during our Philly Deli lunch!

Concurrent Session
The Great Room

Lunch & Learn

Spend your lunch with Mark Visco as he provides some brief and exciting company updates.

Mark (3)
Mark Visco Co-Founder & CEO, Suitable
Dom Visco
Dom Visco Co-Founder & CTO, Suitable
Concurrent Session
1:00pm-2:00pm | Career & Professional Development

A Path Toward Holistic Growth: How Compass has Guided ACU Students and Faculty

Since the early brainstorming sessions, Compass was designed to be a university-wide initiative created to give students a customized guide, or Roadmap, for their holistic formation by highlighting opportunities to enrich their time at ACU, setting them up for success after they launch into the world.

By partnering with Suitable as our platform for the Compass program, these concerns are not only beginning to be addressed, but the Compass initiative has since expanded to capture unexpected areas of growth across campus.

In this presentation, a panel of ACU Compass champions will explore (1) how Compass is used to capture holistic growth University-wide, including student life, academics, and chapel;(2) how our College of Business Administration (COBA) has taken the Compass mission and tailored it toward their students, and (3) how our Adams Center for Teaching and Learning has used the same methodology toward Faculty development.

Payton Herring-1
Payton Herring Student Experience Specialist
Jasmine Gossett
Jasmine McCabe Gosset Professional Development and Internship Director
Anne Hocking ACU
Anne Hocking Director of Internships and Vocational Formation
Concurrent Session
1:00pm-2:00pm | Business
Studio 2&3

Darting to Success: How We Hit the Bullseye with a 1,000% Surge in Student Engagement

Join us for an enlightening presentation that promises to be valuable for all attendees! In this session, we will delve into our remarkable success story of achieving a staggering 1,000% increase in Deese DART engagement completions. Be prepared to gain insights into the strategies and practices that led us to this unprecedented success.
Our journey will take you through the meticulous process of enhancing student engagement, offering a roadmap for success that includes best practices and practical tips for creating impactful badges.

We will not only share our triumphs but also unveil the secret sauce behind our exceptional success in boosting student participation. Whether you are an educator, administrator, or anyone passionate about student engagement, this presentation is a must-attend. Discover innovative approaches, learn from our experiences, and empower yourself with the knowledge to elevate engagement levels in your own educational endeavors. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your approach to student engagement and witness the positive impact on Deese DART completions!

Jenard Moore-1
Dr. Jenard Moore Director of Male Academic and Student Success
Concurrent Session
2:00pm-3:00pm | Honors

Honors House System 2.0 powered by FORGE

At Purdue University, the John Martinson Honors College and the Division of Residential Life collaborate to implement a “House” system, in which every first-year honors student is assigned to one of five “Houses”. Inspired by the British system of higher education with nods to Harry Potter and Hogwarts over 10 years ago, the House competition along with its faculty guides and student leaders remains a long-standing

In this session, we will share insights about:
-The change management process in transitioning the “House” system from a student-developed app (home grown and managed) to FORGE (Suitable)
-The student engagement trends in support of belongingness and learning beyond the classroom
-The future as we look to deploy “once in a house, always in a house” and to include John Martinson Honors College students in Indianapolis

Catharine P
Catharine Patrone Chief of Staff
Concurrent Session
2:00pm-3:00pm | Business
Studio 2&3

Transforming Chaos into High-Impact Learning: Our Commitment to Student Success

Hear from our accredited undergraduate business school within a prestigious liberal arts institution as we embrace the unpredictable nature of higher education. At the heart of our approach is the Office of Experiential Learning, created to prepare students for dynamic business careers through innovative professional development.

Our commitment to bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world opportunities drives the design of high-impact experiences that coach students in professionalism. Experiential learning, defined as a collection of transformative opportunities, is the cornerstone of our portfolio catering to diverse learning needs.

Missy Gutkowski-3
Missy Gutkowski Assistant Dean of Experiential Learning
Bethany Slear
Bethany Slear Program Director of Experiential Learning
The Great Foyer

Coffee Break!

Time to reenergize! Recharge with coffee, cookies, and some delightful conversation with your peers.

3:00pm-3:30pm | Engagement
Studio 1

Testimonial & Headshot Lounge

Stop by the Fine Humans Testimonial & Headshot Lounge and refresh your headshot for LinkedIn, or record a testimonial about your experience at Pathways!

Fine Humans Mascot
Fine Humans
The Great Room

Panel of Peers

Join us for an informative panel made up of your peers to discuss current industry trends, and gain invaluable student success strategies to take back to your campus. Plus participate in a live Q&A portion with panelists!

Allison O - VU
Allison Otto Assistant Director of Badging & Skills, Vanderbilt University
Dee Barksdale AU
Dr. Demetrius Barksdale Assistant Director of Professional Development and Engagement, Alabama University
Loc Luong CSP
Loc Luong Assistant Director for Study Abroad and Student Engagement, Concordia St. Paul
Matt Lancaster KU
Matt Lancaster Program Director, Kansas University
Sean Carson-3
Sean Carson SVP of University Partnerships, Suitable
4:30pm-5:00pm | Career Readiness
The Great Room

The NACE Assessment Tool on Suitable

Join representatives from NACE for an information session on how the NACE Assessment Tool works on Suitable!
Visit nace.suitable.co to learn more!

Niesha NACE
Niesha Ziemke Director of Career Readiness

Afternoon Sessions Conclude

See you at our Partner Pooldeck Celebration!

5:00pm-5:30pm | Engagement
Studio 1


Before you make your way to our Partner Pooldeck Celebration, make sure to stop by the Testimonial & Headshot Lounge and refresh your headshot for LinkedIn, or record a testimonial about your experience at Pathways!

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Fine Humans
6:00pm | Engagement
The Wet Deck + Secret Garden

Partner PoolDeck Celebration

Unwind after a tremendous day of sessions at our Partner Pool Deck Celebration! Join us for a tropical night of dinner, dancing, and maybe even a dip in the pool!

DJ Buck Jordan Pathways 2024 DJ
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Day Three

Friday, July 26th, 2024
8:00am - 9:00am
The Great Room


Start the last day with us in The Great Room for a delicious and filling breakfast before our last day of insightful and engaging session

8:00am-9:00am | Engagement
Studio 1

Testimonial & Headshot Lounge

Before our last day of sessions, make sure to visit the Fine Humans Testimonial & Headshot Lounge and refresh your headshot for LinkedIn, or record a testimonial about your experience at Pathways!

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Fine Humans
9:00am - 9:30am | Product Review
The Great Room

Student Organization Product Review

Kick off the last day of sessions in The Great Room with Andrea Palmer as she walks through the newest capability with our Student Organization Management product.

Andrea Palmer Suitable-1
Andrea Palmer Director of Campus Solutions, Suitable
The Great Room

The Power of Data

Members from our University Success team will be joined by some of our partners from the Carson College of Business at Washington State to discuss how they are leveraging Suitable data to improve student outcomes and boost student engagement.

Elaney Tedder Solutions Success Manager, Suitable
Ang H
Angela Hersch VP of University Success, Suitable
Michelle Chapman (2)
Michelle Chapman Assistant Director for Student Engagement & Career Development, Washington State University
Corey Cook
Corey Cook Student Engagement Coordinator, Washington State University
The Great Room

Student Speaker of Distinction

Hailing from Washington State University, join us in welcoming our 2024 Student Speaker of Distinction... Emiliano De La Rosa to the Pathways stage!

Emiliano will share how he transformed his involvement on and off campus with the Career Amplifier platform powered by Suitable.

He will detail his experience in the Carson College of Business, how using Suitable positively impacted his collegiate journey, provide advice for motivating non-involved students and so much more!

Emiliano De La Rosa - Student Speaker of Distinction (1)
Emiliano De La Rosa Student Speaker of Distinction
The Great Room

How to Implement an Integrated and Outcomes-based Institutional Student Success Initiative

Suitable partners from the University of Pittsburgh help us close Pathways 2024 with an exciting session talking through the adoption of Suitable on Pitt's campus and detailing where they began with Suitable and where they are now!

Audrey Murrell Professor, Author, and Researcher
Kristen S Pitt
Kristine Schonder Associate Director of the PharmD Program
Karen P - Pitt
Karen Pater Associate Professor of PharmD Program
Eric Lehman, Pitt Business
Eric Lehman Student Engagement Manager, University of Pittsburgh

Pathways 2024 Concludes

Thank you for attending and joining us this year! We look forward to seeing you at Pathways 2025!